Squibble: The Word Game

Unique Gameplay

Backtracking: Give your finger some freedom to backtrack over letters you already have selected to reach the longest of words.
Graphics: Pleasing to the eye art style that put you right into the word-finding zone.
Music: Enjoy amazing new original music by Perspection while you play.

Game Modes

Hone your word-finding skills through two addicting game modes:
Classic mode: Reaching your highest score is the goal. Focus on finding bigger words to push your score to the next level.
Action mode: Speed is the key! Find as many words as possible to increase your time to keep the game alive.

Special Abilities

Utilize one of three game powers to increase your time or help you find bigger words, faster.
Two innovative game modes.
Three game powers to help increase your scores.
80,000+ common words to search for.
Unique game-play mechanics such as backtracking.