Wizardous: An Apprentice's Betrayal

"Give a person a kind of emotional appeal restoring ancient ways"

- Android Themes

"Reminiscent of Salomon's Key on the Nintendo NES"

- Gaming on Batteries

"Things will start out easy, but soon the difficulty will ramp up and become old school difficult"

- iPhone Informer

"Some of the levels in this game are tough! If the room is described as "torture chamber", there's a reason for that"

- Touch My Apps

"Evokes the best ideas that the classic era of gaming represented"

- Super Game Droid

"8-bit and adorable!"

- Kill Streak Media

"There's no taking away from the fact that Wizardous is a fun and beautifully-animated RPG platformer with an enchanting and uplifting electronic soundtrack to match"

- 148 Apps

"The game offers vibrant colors which complement each other to deliver a perfect 8-Bit experience"

- MWeb's GameZone

"Retro mobile game of my dreams"

- The iPhone App Review

"Just think of all those years of trust and teaching the old wizard gave to his apprentice, only for him to repay the old wizard with betrayal and disloyalty by casting him into the perils of his own castle."

- iPhone Glance

"Video Review from fellow Indie Developer"

- Aaron Clifford EgoAnt Productions